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you make some good points and I can understand where you're coming from because I used to be of the exact same way of thinking. Don't have time to go through your post point by point so I'll select a couple.

"Atheism was far more prominent in the late 1800s than it is now."

I think you're mistaken about this. There may be hundreds of millions of people in the US that claim to be Christian, but as I've argued on other threads, it matters not what you CLAIM, but what you DO. This goes for all the other references of 'faith' societies you make. They simply weren't really, they just claimed to be. If you look at the actions of people now, and compare them to Jesus' teachings or for instance the 10 Commandments, you can see clearly that people are decidedly less Christian now than they were then. For one example alone: pornography. Less or more now?

So this goes precisely to answer another of your questions:

"can you show a real verified causal link of a growth of atheism resulting in less liberty?"

Yes, in the United States of America. Are you happy with the Liberty you have today? If not, it is because as a society we are departing from God.

Do you think it is a coincidence that every fighter for Liberty against the communist state happens to be a Christian and fighting for Christian values? Randy Weaver, even the Branch Davidians if you think about it. Granted they had some wrong practices but the reason for this correlation is because Liberty is a righteous and Christian cause. And those most ardent fighters for it, and those who achieve it, are Christians. Look at this:

Notice anything?

Finally this:

"You're stereotyping anyone who would hold one as holding all (anti-Christian, anti-faith, and anti-Semite) of the positions."

In Truth, they are the same. To be against Jews for being Jews, is to be against God. And to be against God is to be against Christ.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.