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Ok...Let me get this straight...

All you got from my post is that I could live with a Nazi and Not an Israeli? Well I believe I said a few more things than that...Lets see, my points were...
1. I am anti-Israel
2. I believe I have a God given right to store my own beliefs
3. No one was talking Jews until you talked Jews
4. I didn't talk Jews, I talked Israelis
5. I pointed out my opposite belief with Dr. Paul (the ONLY one)
6. I stated I still belonged in the same movement
7. I did my part to help the Paul campaign
8. I don't care how society has labeled anyone, I will accept their support in the Liberty movement
9. And I made a point for all assholes...You don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you
Judging by your down votes others seem to agree with me too...but maybe not...I can live without their support...
So now I will address you telling me that I need professional help...And I 100% disagree with you on that and so do the little voices in my head...(I only wis I could have written this in crayon)
And I need an education on Libertarianism?
I truly apologize if my belief structure doesn't fit in your mental definition of what you believe Libertarianism is...But in my family we promote individualism and I truly believe I have a solid grasp on Relocatedtocanada's idea of Libertarianism...And my idea comes with the right to define something as broad stroked as a movement as malleable...And that is why I pointed out that Dr. Paul believes in nullifying birth right citizenship, and I don't...
Now for your first ludicrous (not the rapper) statement that I'm a bigot if I'm against all the people from Israel...Well, as I re-read and re-read my own post, I just can't find where I have written that...Oh yeah, now I know why...I never have written that..Because not all the people in Israel have there heads up their asses like you seem to...Some are starting to act like they have a different view than their state, and some are being slaughtered and enslaved in Gaza...But for the most part I see a major percentage of them needing to be held accountable for their support of a state that some how seems to dictate the policies of The United Staes of America...(see my other response for more insight)...To go on would be pointless and just plain unfair due to the obvious bullshit that country has put us thru...
Now in closing, I would like to call you a racist asshole for even bringing this shit up and race bating the DP...And I also wanna state that I support your right to be a racist asshole...Just keep voting and sending your money to candidates we both agree are worthy of it.-Insert jew money joke here-

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!