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I'm not sure why you don't understand

I was not being ambiguous at all. You are correct, I am free from religion. Yes I do feel liberated and have risen above it. That is why these conversations become offensive to some because they see it as arrogance or egotistical when in fact it's just simply me moving on and hopefully compelling others to question these ancient institutions in our lives. A free exchange of ideas

I don't disrespect you. I bet your a decent person and are seeking truth through means you have been taught. Yes, I have decided to live my life that includes being good to people, respecting them, helping them whenever I can and engaging them to enrich our lives. I don't engage in destructive behavior or advocate dictates on people's lives. I take care of my body and exercise regularly, eat a good clean plant based diet and live by example for my children. I teach them what I have discovered and offer alternatives so they are free to decide for themselves. Yes, I guide them but not in a way assuming I have all the answers but in way where they are challenged to think. ( although still struggling with teenagers :-) )

My scientific explanation is rude? I suppose it can be rude to some if one is engrained in a belief system that offers no such respect for proven facts that have been document and discovered by men searching for real answers.
Can you deny we live in a solar system? Deny that our solar system is in a galaxy comprised of billions of stars? Deny that there are billions of galaxies out side of the Milky Way? Deny that we have an average life span of 75-90 years? Deny the earth is at least 5 billion years old? ...that is rude when we have been told by a humans from a non scientific approach that there is an invisible being out there that looks like us and decided man on earth was the center of it all. These same group of men that tell us if we are obedient we can have eternal life. That god loves us unconditionally under certain conditions....No, I don't believe this inference you make that god gives us ethics. We are beautiful creatures that have adapted and developed the ability to reason. Just because you don't know what a conscience is doesnt mean you dismiss it as god. Keep searching you may find a real answer...

These conversations are tough and always result in ill feelings. I guess that's why they say no region discussion in many social and business circles.

I know we have opposite believes but in the end, I still love you....

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for commenting


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.