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Too be honest: I know exactly

Too be honest: I know exactly how you feel. :)

It's only my personal strict set of rules that help me limit exposure to a particular financial instrument or currency no matter how good it might look.

But emotionally, I completely understand the 'changing the system' feeling and want to dive in over 100% if possible.

I started with $50, I'm now in well over 20 times that much in 2 weeks... ;o

I'll keep putting money in, every single time I earn something a certain percentage goes to BTC. I'll not forget my "precious" either though :))

Another way to help the changing process though, is by promoting it. I've already brought 6 friends to BTC now. And 1 of them has already spread it to two other people.

Putting your own cash in is one thing, but networks become exponentially more valuable with every extra added 'node' (person in this case) added! :))