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I see

I see that I did understand. But the arrogance and rudeness come from your comments like "if you keep searching you might find REAL answers" etc. You're assuming I don't believe we live in a solar system or that I don't understand scientific facts??? That is the rude part. You're making all sorts of claims about religious people that are rude generalizations that are not true across the board. That is seeing people in prejudicial groups.

Further, without a written word of God, there is virtually no basis for you to think YOUR view is superior to anyone else. To say you are "above"
and "free" is ridiculous and very egotistical despite what you say. It's crapping on everyone that disagrees with you. There is no basis for ethics outside of God and so you can't convict anyone of wrong doing in their beliefs, or in their actions if He has not spoken. Now I know I'm "engrained" in a belief system and that makes me a shackled moron. But for a shackled moron, I can spot poor logic and BS pretty well. Good luck finding a moral law that convicts me of that outside of God. What shall I follow, the code of Hammurabi?? An ancient king? Just another human like us? If humans create the moral code, then let's be clear, there is no OUGHT or "reason" that any of us should follow it except existential "happiness" which some people find in screwing us out of our rights or in murdering or eating their neighbors. But they're no more wrong or right than you or I if there is no overarching moral law, given my a moral law giver that we can judge their actions by.

Who says we're beautiful? Many would say we're ugly! Who says our conscience is "good", perhaps as Dawkins says, "we're dancing to our DNA." Your argument is full of so much assumption and so little real, logic that it's insulting to say that you're elevated above anything other than a past religious system that you felt was probably a little icky to you.