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Comment: The best global fiat is Somali Shillings!

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The best global fiat is Somali Shillings!

"F*** Bitcoin, F*** globecoin, buy Somali Shillings!”

Yes, Somali Shillings. A Fully fungible fiat friendly to savers.

A finite resource: The Somalian Central Bank burnt down in 1996, meaning no new Shillings have been printed since then.

Highly Divisible: A brick of 1,000,000 Shillings can be divided into 1,000 notes, each can be torn into a thousand pieces.

Secure privacy. All bricks of Somali Shillings have thousands of fingerprints on them, making trackability impossible.

Personal security, too. If you're down in the market and a gun battle erupts between warlord factions, dive behind pallets of Shillings and you'll be safe from bullets or shrapnel.

Storable wealth: Build a house with bricks of Shillings, paint the edges with quality exterior paint. Nobody will ever know your walls are your life-savings.

Transportable wealth: All you need is a wheelbarrow. Or a donkey. Somalia has no frontiers, so international transit is not a problem.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"