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You nailed it, spacehabitats

The only people paying attention to this at this point in the game are:

• Paid operatives (trolls) funded by the Obama Regime and the Priebus Regime with a mandate to divide and conquer the Liberty vote (see below?)
• "Inside Baseball" liberty activists
• A handful of Establishment GOP regime members looking for reasons to sabotage anyone who isn't on their approved Neocon list of candidates

In other words, actual liberty voters are already outnumbered and under attack from both sides, which is why I refuse to take the Establishment's bait.

I will not allow trolls or Reince Priebus to divide me from the best possible GOP presidential candidate (Rand Paul) or conquer me (dishearten me to the point of giving up).

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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