Comment: Political Strategy? Selling Out? Or Both?

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Political Strategy? Selling Out? Or Both?

Because I am not closely following the dirt on Benton, let me ask you guys the following questions:

Is it possible that Benton is not out for himself but is still on our side; only working within the neocon camp to turn on them in the end like a sleeper agent?

Is it possible that Pig-Rot-McConnell will now be indebted to Rand Paul in the senate? A "he owes me one" kinda thing. This would be so only if the McConnell race is close, if not then it doesn't matter i guess.

I guess its possible but not probable. Any thoughts?

What I see is that Rand is fighting for freedom on the establishments terms, while his father, Ron Paul, fights for freedom openly, loudly, and boldly. That is why I like Ron ten times more than Rand because you can trust him to be all in.