Comment: Great you're looking into it but so much is wrong in this Convo

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Great you're looking into it but so much is wrong in this Convo

"I think that some time in the future (a decade from now when bitcoins are a thing of the past) the servers will get hacked adn the value will collapse."

can you explain which servers are going to get hacked? My understanding is that on a p2p network there are no central servers. the network it's self acts as the server so to hack it would mean you would have to hack millions of computers simultaneously.

"-So no long term investments -mostly because it's still a fiat currency, but I am fascinated of the impact it could have"

Bitcoins is not FIAT, there is no force or coercion behind bitcoins. It's purly a voluntary free market currency.

"I'm morally opposed to what it represents. Wealth that exists only because some small entity says it exists... But it provides the plumbing for an idea I've always had which is online bartering."

What small entity says it exists? How can you be morally opposed to something that enhances individual liberty?

"I'm sure governments will collude on this and hack it, as to undermine the integrity of it, and keep the focus on their controlled and inflated currency"

You're sure? Well if you are sure please explain how they would because no one has. Again how can you hack something that isn't centralized?

"I think you have to be pretty savvy in information security to keep it safe. Which is lame. I thought individual wallets sat behind their servers
The paper wallet idea is really cool, but probably a huge hassle."

Im not pretty savy and I made an offline encrypted wallet that is close to near impossible to be hacked. 1. it's in my physical possession. 2. it's encrypted. If your friend is reading about it while he's talking to you, that means he hasn't really looked into it. I'd take all he says with a grain of salt.

Honestly, Im not saying your programmer friend isn't smart or knowledgeable but based on what I see here, he's an idiot. Don't feel bad, I got a programmer friend who was adamantly against Bitcoin. We got into multiple discussions in which his ignorance was on full display. Since then he has apologized and admitted I was right the whole time and he was just holding on to his preconceived notions without really investigating what Bitcoin was. So, don't put faith in these programmers, go research and learn Bitcoin for your self. I did, with very limited programming knowledge and still I found it relatively simple to understand. It took about a week but I got it down enough where I felt comfortable trading my FIAT paper dollars for Bitcoins.