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Comment: "We are not fighting the oil companies"

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"We are not fighting the oil companies"

Yes we are. That's exactly who we are fighting and the sooner the public learns this, the better. Just like in the fight with the Fed, the real culprit is central banking but we as a country, had to wake up and find a physical entity to go after. That's the federal reserve.

You also say that all technologies should rise and fall on their own merits. Well, that's exactly true. The problem is that the PR of the last century has convinced people this is what has happened. 'Oh, the 70's offered a chance for a solar revolution but it wasn't market ready so it didn't happen. HA! Big oil companies killed it, and hard.

These companies lobbied and won every fight for subsidies, mandates, emission standards, auto standards, taxes and more. The result was that solar became too expensive and cumbersome while oil got cheaper. Of course, oil wasn't really cheaper, we just paid them through different channels.

They robbed entire states through overcharging and when they got sued, they provided 'annuities' (costing them pennies) to do 'really good things' over endless periods of time. One state won $500M (when the damage was 4 times that) and paid $28M into a fund that keeps on giving based in it's investment. This is a 1% fine on a criminal act.

They have gotten mandated so many extras on automobiles that highly efficient, foreign cars don't even qualify in our market. US cars have to weigh at minimum, about 1 ton just to qualify as street legal. This keeps fuel usage high. They have fought Segways, golf carts, 4-wheelers and NEVs in cities and states all across the country because those all offer fuel savings. They have gotten diesel categorized in consumer and farm grades just to stop farmers from running bio-diesel setups and then selling to truckers. Each farmer could produce nearly 20,000 gallons per year from their waste if this weren't the case but now they pay (money or time) to remove it instead.

They, in conjunction with utility companies, have gotten the regulations so convoluted and expensive to produce energy privately and profit from it that even a completely free source like some over-unity box or home cold fusion or hemp production would not pay for itself in less than 2 years. Yet these stringent requirements don't exist for the utilities.

Battery vehicles have some of the craziest roadblocks you've ever heard of. You have to give Tesla Motors props for getting a battery powered car to the market because the tech behind the cars is only about 60% of their costs. Thank the oil companies for the rest.

These same oil companies were the instigators for eastern states banning the use of high sulfur content coal when they could have simply added cheap 'scrubbers' to filter it out of the exhaust. Why would they do this? Because this forced states like Pennsylvania to use cleaner coal that's only available from Wyoming. Consequently, the PA coal is perfectly fine (even encouraged) for use in Wyoming and Montana. So the oil companies now fuel rail to transport both sources of coal across the country (and they pass each other in front of me each day!) to get to where it's used. In 2009??, 88% of our entire rail fleet was consumed by this single activity.

Solar companies come in multiple flavors. There are the scams and the very good technologies and everything in between. Those that show any real promise are quickly bought up or 'partnered with' by either an oil company or a partner/subsidiary of one so they can be "helped to foster their progress". I could spend hours listing how many have fallen by the wayside because of this causing too many roadblocks. Keep in mind, however, that those technologies that aren't truly groudbreaking, they get lots of 'support'. Big wind farms and big PV panel solar arrays get oh so much support. Why? Because they are not a threat in the least. They may offer some power but for everything they offer, the oil use must rise even more to make everything work together. This is why big oil is also fighting the smart grid, but that's another topic.

So, yes we are fighting these companies. They have manipulated our energy markets for a century and they have done so blatantly for 40 years. They have killed off their competition by buying off the regulators and others and very persuasively convinced people on both sides (especially their employees as seen above) that they are on our side. Just look at everything you see each day and try to picture how it's more dependent on oil than it needs to be. That's likely because of some action by these companies. This issue is extremely important and the people need to be woken up to it.