Comment: I don't disagree with rand on this

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I don't disagree with rand on this

McConnell is helping us legalize hemp In Kentucky he stood up for Rand Paul and he Stood up for Ron Paul.
We are not about political party's we are about liberty.
Out goal is to show by example how to lead and how to utilize human liberty.
Neocons , progressives , ECT.. What the oligarchies fear is when their own lapdogs realize that liberty is popular they will follow a new leader and may even start to lead themselves.
Our goal is not to compromise and get them to come to us. We will not budge because we represent natural law and human life is at the top of the system not greed and wealth.
When everybody else jumps into to movement that what they call critical mass.
That I when THEY loose control.
Remember they want to Control the caos.