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Comment: If that kind of collapse were to happen~~

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If that kind of collapse were to happen~~

I agree with the commenter that said "communities would band together". It is true. Suddenly, suburbia neighbors would have meetings and make a plan to defend their neighborhoods.

We already have a "criminal watch" in our neighborhood. Big cities are the most vulnerable. Living in smaller populated states is the best, like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, etc.

If you can move to these states, you are better off, regardless.

I doubt society would collapse & government give up their "control". The ONLY thing that could happen to us would be a massive worldwide nuclear war. If the government keeps pushing other countries over the edge, they may get exactly what they want, but instead of being flown to their little underground hideaways, they may be incinerated in the air without enough notice to get away.

THEN, their DAY OF JUDGMENT will come before God, and it won't be pretty.