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If it helps

I also "neg post" on things involving 9/11 conspiracies that I believe are illogical, people bashing Rand Paul for illogical reasons, people promoting illogical actions to "support" liberty, people who illogically believe that if your birth certificate is in all caps that you're owned by a corporation or that the US is just a corporation or that we're being governed by admiralty law or some system of mercantilism under the British crown, etc.

I post supportive things on supporting Liberty candidates locally, 2nd amendment rights, how to share ideas to bring people to support Liberty, anything having to do with Michigan, etc.

Sorry, but your illogical, collectivist positions are bearing the brunt of my negativity, but it's mostly because your ideas have been stupid and shortsighted. I'll apologize in full as soon as you pull your head out from between your legs.

Eric Hoffer