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Just stop!

Please, please just stop talking and start thinking for a change. You're being snowed by the PR of TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES. Are you really going to tell me that they don't have everyone related to their industry bought and paid for? Are you really of the belief that the pittance (even a few million dollars) they give to some community isn't to save face? Who would talk bad about such a great company? Any worker that wanted to blow their whistle would be ran out of town. Just listen to your words for once. There's global consequences that interplay with this industry and you think their on par with the Make A Wish foundation. Wake up.

Regulated? Ha. They wrote the damn regs. They keep small competition out of the game. Heard that tactic before? Sure, in banking, food, cars, home builders, and tons of others. It's SOP. But it doesn't stop there. These guys pass the costs on to their customers (us) AND they get royalty/subsidy benefits because this cost was so high. That's double dipping from our pockets. It's no different than all those "government" fees on phone bills that cost zero to implement (at their scale) but then get sent directly to the phone companies. It's a way to raise prices without it being seen.

Oil's in everything? Really? A barrel of oil yields these refined products (percent of barrel):

47% gasoline for use in automobiles
23% heating oil and diesel fuel
18% other products, which includes petrochemical feedstock-products derived from petroleum principally for the manufacturing of chemicals, synthetic rubber and plastics
10% jet fuel
4% propane
3% asphalt
(Percentages equal more than 100 because of an approximately 5% processing gain from refining.)

So, to be clear, your argument is that your company is good because they're trying to get all the oil that exists into the current market asap so we can burn it up and leave nothing left for the one use (that you claim) can't be supplanted by another source - namely the 18% other products. Well, the good news is that you're full of it because it's only price that keeps those things being made from oil. As other renewables fuels become available at lower costs, you will be proven wrong because we won't need oil for them either. The other good news is that those things are more than 50% recyclable. The bad news is that peak production will drop faster than their switchover can happen. This is because they take much much longer to switch to a 'different blend' than simply creating heat in a machine. So, even though they're only 1/5th of our use, they will consumer more and be subject to price hikes much more. Why? Because oil companies thwarted the energy use from shifting over to renewables for 50 years past when the market began calling for it.

"We are all normal people trying to make a living..." and that's the problem. It sounds exactly like the sheeple that keep supporting Obama, Bernanke, Keynes theory, and so many other things we spotlight on this site, doesn't it? Just because Nick gets something out of it, doesn't mean it's good for everyone. Can you write a letter and address it to the people of 2100, explaining why you thought this era deserved the right to use it all up and leave them none? Didn't think so. What if I gave you a letter that a 1600's person wrote, telling you how sorry they were for burning up all the trees? What if they justified it by making a living? I'll bet they will even explain how when the big trees were gone, they figured out how to burn the saplings and with 'wonderful new technology', they also figured out how to make use of every tree seed on the planet. Reference Easter Island if you're not getting this.

I'll be thankful when you start busting your butts to tell your industry titans that we're heading for a cliff and they need to take their foot of the gas pedal!