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Rand Paul got elected by using his father's wide grassroots movement. Regardless of who Senator Paul endorses, and regardless of whether he is wholeheartedly behind that endorsement; the power lies with us at the grassroots level. We have shown time and again we have the power to win at the state & district level.

I suggest we ignore Rand Paul's playing nice with the party and drum up massive support for McConnell's challenger. If we are successful it would rid us of McConnell. And it would leave Rand Paul shrugging his shoulders and telling McConnell, "I did my best, I endorsed you;" and yet still looking squarely at 2016 as GOP front runner.

I don't see this as betrayal by Rand, I understand he is playing the game and positioning himself for a 2016 nomination. What we must realize is we don't have to play along, we can continue to stand on principle and throw our massive support behind whomever we choose.