Comment: Does anyone know what we can do with our IRA's??

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Does anyone know what we can do with our IRA's??

I mean, if we cash them in, it's a HUGE TAX prior to 59 1/2 with the added 10% penalty that our wonderful Congress set up, jerks! And, even if you are that age, it's a HUGE TAX and counted as "income" for the year which jettisons people into the highest tax bracket usually.

However, if we don't do that, then, a Cypriot crime theft could occur, and then, we'd be DOUBLE-TAXED...this is very disconcerting.

I believe all hell would break loose in America. Somenhow, I just don't think that would fly with Baby Boomers. It would probably be the ONE THING that would get them OFF the golf course and into their cars to Washington D.C. to wrench the politicians OUT of their cushy offices, once and for all.

Clearly, they would have a bigger problem in America, as compared to Cyprus. Taking AFTER-TAX CASH out of our banks is easy, but what about the IRA's, etc. What do you guys think?