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Comment: Crime Victims of Illegals

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Crime Victims of Illegals

"Family Values Don't Stop at the Rio Bravo"

"Illegal alien charged with luring child leads to illegal labor arrests"

"Another Mexican brothel found in North Carolina"

"Illegal alien raped stepdaughter in front of 7-year-old in South Dakota"

"Illegal alien found guilty of horrific child sexual assault"

"Predatory Aliens"

"Miguel Carrasco
AKA: Migel Carrasco
Occupation: Construction worker
POB: Mexico
Wanted for: Allegedly raping a female victim in front of her four-year-old child and two other minors
Wanted by: FBI
Last Known Residence: Fulton County, Georgia


"Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens"

Victims, Victims, Victims, Victims.. Murdered, Raped, on 'n on..

"Propaganda Watch"