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Comment: Not enough attention to food?

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Not enough attention to food?

Is this true?

It's been part of US libertarian/constitutionalist orthodoxy for so long, the 4 Gs: Gold, God, Guns and Grub. Have we truly neglected the grub part?

I guess I can see why, you buy a gun once and it's pretty much done. Ammo doesn't require much shelf maintenance and gold lasts forever. Much more of a "one and done" affair. However eating is something we'd all like to continue doing each and every day at least until we die which is an event we'd theoretically like to put off as long as possible.

Part of my intent in writing was to kind of make food prepping part of your PRESENT DAILY LIFESTYLE. It comes with the benefits of saving money, a healthier diet and an overall improved sense of personal well being. So at that rate you aren't really prepping but IMPROVING IN PLACE. So you are getting a return on your investment right from day one. No matter if disaster happens now or never.

I guess I'd call it "practical prepping" or "common sense prepping".

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.