Comment: 6 magazine changes/shooting under 5 minutes

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6 magazine changes/shooting under 5 minutes

" ...where he shot his way into the building and killed 20 children and 6 adults with a Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle. The Bushmaster was loaded with a 30-round capacity magazine. Fourteen rounds were in the magazine when the Bushmaster was recovered by police. There was one round in the chamber.

Recovered from the person of the shooter, were three, 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster, each containing 30 rounds. Located in the area of the shootings were six additional 30-round magazines containing
0, 0, 0, 10, 11, and 13 live rounds respectively. One-hundred-and-fifty-four SPENT .223 CASINGS were recovered from the scene. It is currently estimated that the time from when the shooter shot his way into the school until he took his own life was less than FIVE minutes.

So, doing the math, he killed 26 people with 154 rounds, and changed out magazines 6 times, in under 5 minutes?

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