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I've got one of my Ron Paul T-Shirts on today. I was standing by my van waiting for traffic to pass so I could open my door and get in...I got a honk and a wave. :-)

When I see anyone with Ron Paul sticker on their vehicle I always follow them and go shake their hand. Its so cool because its like we are family right off the bat.

There are still people that sometimes smirk at me when they see me wearing one of my shirts, but it used to be they would make smartass commnents about isolationist or old and I NEVER get rude comments. I think a lot of people now know everything RP has been saying is TRUE but like children they refuse to admit that the left-right paradigm is a myth and "their" political heros are all criminals.

I wear my shirts and display my stickers with more pride than ever. I'm glad my stickers say RON Paul and not just Paul. I'm not too down with the other Paul. :-0