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My wife once said:

If I do not stand for something I will fall for anything.

She may have actually said "you" instead of "I", but she was speaking from personal experience.

"Wouldn't they as soon turn their guns on the 100 as they did those in the compound?"

A greater power overcomes a lesser power by definition, so the concept here is not to threaten, not to trick, not to bluff, not to "acquiesce" anyone. The idea here is to be the more powerful force that we are when we are united as good people.

One person will certainly fall victim to a more powerful organized crime group.

The idea is not to allow ourselves to become lesser in power than any other organized crime group.

That is the lesson by Shays's Rebellion, that is the lesson by The Athens Tennessee example, which are real, not fictional.

The fictional lesson, in the movie with the one colorful girl in the all black and white film, as you point out, is how much is lost when not enough power is employed, that could be employed, to fight against criminal powers.

None, no one anywhere, doing anything but Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, isn't bad at all if there are no criminals issuing criminal orders to be obeyed without question, yet there they are, in black and white, in history, in the present, and on into the foreseeable future.

That is the problem.

The problem is not that we obey without question, the problem is that there are criminals who know how to perpetuate their crimes and they know enough to make their crimes legal.

The solution is to stop obeying without question, because that begins the process of removing the POWER we earn, since we are in that way not criminals, in that way, our power to earn, we are worthy of being targets, we produce something worth stealing, and in that way, we are much more POWERFUL than any organized crime ring ever to have existed, ever existing now, or ever will exist.

Do we, the earners, the targets, the voluntarily agreeing cooperators competing to out produce each other, working to make life better and less costly constitute a greater power than human cock roaches, human maggots?

If you, anyone, any reasonable person, opens a can of food, and in the can of food you find maggots instead of food, do you feed that to the kids?

So what explains the rate of POWER flowing from all the earners to those few people who borrow that POWER from the earners, and then the earners believe that they owe that money they loaned to the borrowers - with National Interest on top of the PRINCIPLE?

Does this ring true:

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
Henry Ford

We can speed ahead in our trial at Waco, if you care to go along, agree, to the fast forwarding.

We ask, and ask, and ask, and we get answer, and answer, and answer, to our mutual satisfaction, beyond a reasonable doubt, and our question is the same question each time.

Who ordered this expense of money taken from The FUND.

Where does the buck stop in this case?