Comment: Did I say that they werent ALSO trying to legislate morality?

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Did I say that they werent ALSO trying to legislate morality?

They are. You are. Both sides are attempting to legislate morality. I'm saying quite clearly, STOP IT! I'm saying there is another option being constantly overlooked in this cartoonish perennial argument used to divide and conquer this nation. Take marriage off the table as something the government can decide, control or define. There. Done. Over with. Let's move on to the serious issues. The homosexuality debate, as well as countless other issues that the government has no legitimate business dealing with are distracting us from what doing what needs to be done. What I find humorous and also sad is how anyone on this forum can still seriously argue for or against gay marriage when it's not something the government should even be deciding. No one wins that battle. Both sides need to stop fighting each other and work together to get such usurped power out of the hands of the government. If you notice up above I said the same thing to someone advocating gay marriage so I'm not just singling you out. Both sides of this argument are in the wrong and as Ron Paul said about this "two wrongs dont make a right".