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Comment: Marriage-equality?

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Marriage is a contract!

I've told my wife in the past that had I known then what I know now I would have opted for a private ceremony, no marriage certificate, no contract with the State!

I got married for the commitment only, not a ridiculous certificate that renders our financial and child-bearing lives under contractual obligation and submission to an undisclosing, fraud-inducing authority.

You can rest assured that this whole debacle over marriage-equality will pan out positively for those who currently cannot marry with legal recognition...the government will take the side of any complaint that harbors the possibility of increased taxation of the people and theft of their not be fooled, they will not allow marriage-equality because they believe in a fair right to marry whoever you choose, they will allow it and side with it against opposition because it is money in their greedy pockets, property in the children you bear or adopt and servitude in the choices we make to hold a ceritifate through the act of signing into a contract with the robbers themselves.

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