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Can you please explain these words to me:

"I think that we both know that much of the supposed "Free Love" thoughts and actions were abuses of "public" access major media sources as supposed "communists" (Legal Criminals) were effecting their own plans to shape "society" in their image. That is exactly the kind of wrong that is traveled when people are led down false avenues such as a supposed need to "regulate" love and marriage."

I cannot read and understand the English language. Could you please restate those words like you are speaking to the little girl in red. She cannot understand doctors, lawyers or political economists, and I want to understand what was going on in the 60's.

You do not have to write me a book, just a simple explanation will do, for if you should write a book, I will probably remain as misabled as I am now. Joe, it seems what little brains I thought I had have flown the coop and left me with as little as a bird's.

Without trying to misrepresenting you I read your words to mean that the Criminals who were supposed communists were reshaping society into their image of perversity. (And the reason for doing the social upheaval is so that "we," the victims, are easier pickins.)

Is that what you are saying to me. Because that is what I think was going on, except I always thought the communists were "they" as in Russia as opposed to us, not as in me and you, but as in those in our own land: The enemy is within in the form of the FUND. I understand better now about they not being Russian communisits. Because "we" were the Russian Communisits. Not me and you, but the FUND that FUNDED the performance of The Routine gratice America. But can't WE be America? Does America have to be The Fund that does The Routine?

Speaking of the FUND, I also have a question as to you view of this:

Is what you mean by moving the FUND to China?