Comment: Sorry, I don't believe this for an instant

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Sorry, I don't believe this for an instant

All of this complicated legalize mumbo jumbo that can only be interpreted by a team of K Street lawyers is deliberately constructed this way for a reason:

Hardly anyone can follow it or read it.

It's murky and confusing to intimidate people into NOT reading it, so that the true purpose of the "rules" are hidden in the grey areas of "what does this actually mean in the real world".

The fact (not opinion, or interpretation) that Monsanto and the other major bio-tech firms are carrying out a deliberate, calculated, and comprehensive take-over of the world's commodity food supply is indisputable at this point.

That human manipulation of the DNA of basic food supply creates food that is completely unfit for human consumption and causes systemic disease, is part of the plan - as it churns even more wealth for the ultimate owners of these corporations while SIMULTANEOUSLY weakening and killing the worlds population (Win-Win scenario for them)

A tiny fraction of the worlds population (.14% - or approximately 10 million people) now control 95% of the worlds wealth and real assets.

Somewhere in that group of people are the puppet-masters that are the architects of this. They are fully aware of what they are doing

And this bill one more link in the chain, it's part of the plan.