Comment: Two week checlup 3/22/13

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Two week checlup 3/22/13

So like it was foretold on this post I received the paperwork on why vaccinations are so important and so necessary...and I've changed my view...ok a little humor seemed que. Not only did the pediatrician not consult with us or address our concerns further, he simply stated that he'd see us at the 2 month appointment, but didn't bring up what would be done, rather what was recommended at that appointment, which screamed out, "avoid discussion of vaccine safety"!

The information supplied to us was simply left on the table underneath the check-up stats for that day with no mention that he was even supplying them. Let me just say, how can all the listed vaccinations state that they cannot assure 100% immunity to the disease itself, contain known carcinogens and cancer-causing agents, have been (some of them) tested on such a minute ratio of human subjects and still earn the admiration and loyalty of so many parents?

Please research as much as you can. Trust me, I know your time us valuable and limited (especially parents) but I am glad to get less sleep in order to secure the truth for my children and I will be sharing with you all soon my findings regarding vaccines...until then, peace and love DP'ers.

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