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I can't find anyone for the

I can't find anyone for the life of me. I am told I don't try, but those people who say that don't value their bodies. I don't try because I have not met anyone that I assume holds the same values as me. I don't try because you can't just ask a woman up front how many people they've had sex with. Everyone I encounter you can assume they have had sex with at least one person and I am picky about certain physical things, but things that can be helped, like I think tattoos are disgusting, and makeup makes them look worse. I don't care if a woman is chubby or weird looking. Tattoos, makeup, and the constant need to look 15 are all related to things inside. I also do not want to find what I am looking for at a church because I am 28 and I don't want to spend a decade to befriend someone and I don't like churches or being social and I don't want some wife who won't do anything in bed but lay there. I don't want to meet them at a bar because that's where you go to get laid, not meet a quality person to spend your life with, and I don't like smelling like an ashtray and the worldly form of being social is just not my thing. I don't like women who always want to go out and do stupid stuff like in the previous sentence. Adults don't go around partying when they have kids at home to tend to. That's the kind of crap to do when the kids finally leave the house. I want to know about their desires for children and staying at home to school the children up front. I will not bother starting a family if it's going to be both of us working and the children are just babysat by the public schooling system. And most importantly, I don't want to be looked at by them like a kook when it comes to my beliefs in the government and the NWO, and that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to unless it actually hurts someone.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.