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Concealed Carry Permits in

Concealed Carry Permits in all States are at record levels and that brings in an awful lot of people who never grew up around guns. I should of made it clear that my concern is Conceal Carry and the record number of people who are really unqualified to do just that.

If you never have taken a course , you should , I guarantee you'll learn something, even if you think you know all there is about firearms. I enjoyed the part of the class of - What to do if you have to draw your weapon. I also enjoy going to the range more. I have witnessed women who didn't have a clue about a firearm , where in-fact afraid of them, same thing with the younger crowd. Awesome to watch these individuals become confident in the proper use of a firearm and why is that - well yes the law says they have to , but the training they receive is priceless and it lights a fire under them and when you see them at the range, they want to all become expert marksman and that's awesome, watching how they can now properly and Safely handle a firearm.

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