Comment: Aight brah, I'm going to help you out.

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Aight brah, I'm going to help you out.

1. Go for bi-chicks.

The whole jealousy thing women with women have puts serious strains on a relationships. I am a faithful good looking man, who does NOT have a wandering eye, VERY loyal and supportive, and I STILL got in a relationship that was pretty rocky in the begining because of my wife's initial self insecurities with her appearance. For a LONG time I couldn't be myself because I had to be on pins and needles around her. Fortunately she "grew up" once I became fed up with it and she decided to lose weight on her own accord which really helped her self confidence. Bi-sexual chicks won't give you that prob.

2. Own guns before starting the relationship and don't let her know. Be so comfortable with your ownership that you act like "I thought everyone owned one according to the media." She tells you to get rid of them, dump her arse right then. She gives you "you prefer guns over me?" Your answer "chicks with guns turn me on. Also your asking something similar to would I tie my tubes/neuter myself for you."

This does two things. 1. It ensures you get someone who is open to libertarian views. 2. YOU GOT GUNS AND A GIRL MAN!

3. Don't worry about politics if she is not into politics. Get into HER. Once you snagged her for real, she will adopt your politics if she isn't a outright political activist for socialists.

Your not out to change her mind. Women are crazy and fickle by nature. You only take the most rational positions in the debate (libertarian) because who hates freedom brah?

No go buy some trojans you sucker for punishment!