Comment: Well if you look for a correlation

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Well if you look for a correlation

between freedom and direct and indirect taxation I'm sure you will find that the more you get taxed the less free you are. I live in New Jersey and not only do I have crazy high prop taxes there are also
crazy high

indirect taxes like:

Tolls the turnpike and Garden State Parkway have gotten out of control.
Tolls into New York City are horrendous 12 dollars just to get into the city.

Permits for everything. In New Jersey you need pretty much a permit for everything. You want to park your car on the street permit if you don't have one most towns will fine you mine the fine is 50 bucks, you want to install a fence in your yard permit, you want to own a gun permit you want do carpentry work permit you want fish permit. Soon breathing is going to require a permit. On top of that permits cost money and generate immense revenue for the towns.

Certain New Jersey counties have legal monopolies on garbage pickup or garbage disposal through quasi private governmental entities.

Almost all business districts have metered parking and a parking "authority" that will give you tickets if you dare park on the wrong side of the street or forget to put a quarter in a parking meter.

Government agents in my town like to knock on peoples door and practically force their way in to see if you have "illegal" basement apartments. If they find these apartments you get fined 500 bucks plus court costs when you have to go to a mandatory court date. Unfortunately many residents of my town don't know the law to well and allow these people in thinking it would help if they are nice to them. Wrong!

Direct taxation is another story and is practically sickening in the state of New Jersey.

Taxes on booze and cigarrettes, a pack of smokes in New Jersey cost about 9 bucks

Income tax is ridiculous especially if you work in New York City you get taxed twice.

If I want to hire a minimum wage worker he would take home 290 per week and I'd have to pay out 420. The government keeps the difference.

If you can't afford to keep an employee and you haven't had him for atleast 3 years prepare to pay his unemployment. Usually this about $5000.00

Each day this state gets worse and worse. Cops are becoming assholes one yelled at my mother the other day who is a teacher and was on her way to school because she turned into the street she works on and he was parked there. He went crazy on her telling her that she didn't respect the law and that she needed to learn a lesson.

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