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well, if you were in a tactical firefight

you might do it in order to enter a new room with a full clip. SInce he was shooting kids and knew no one was armed it makes no sense though. I'd expect if he was doing such a thing that he'd do reloads when he was down to just several rounds, not 10+ left in the magazine. Also apparently he wasn't doing this at all sometimes since three magazines are completely empty. It also dosen't make sense that he'd shoot himself when he had three full magazines left, and plenty more kids around to shoot at. According to the police he was dead already when they arrived, if he was a mass killing lune then I'd think he'd keep killing until met with force, or he ran out of ammo. Then again this guys head wasn't working right based on anything and everything I've ever heard explained so who knows what he might have been thinking.

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