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Ramicio, look at all the

Ramicio, look at all the negative statements in your post -- what you don't like and won't do.

I can't find
don't try
don't value their bodies.
I don't try
have not met
I don't try
can't just ask
I am picky
tattoos are disgusting
makeup makes them look worse.
I don't care
do not want to find
I don't want to
don't like churches
don't want some wife
I don't want to
don't like smelling
not my thing.
I don't like women who
Adults don't go around
I will not bother
I don't want to be looked at

Try writing out a similar length piece for yourself that is all in the positive. What you do like and what you will do?

Here are the only bits I see that you phrase in the positive sense. "I want to know about their desires for children and staying at home to school the children up front." And "...people should be allowed to do whatever they want to unless it actually hurts someone."

In the first case, many if not most young single women don't have a blueprint for how many children they want or whether they'll stay home or homeschool before they've even fallen for a guy. For a women, finding a man often unlocks or begins the process of longing for children. For a woman, becoming pregnant or trying to get pregnant, usually touches off her process for deciding how they will be raised. Likewise having children nearing school age, usually begins the decision-making process of how they will be educated. Most healthy women aren't interested in a man who has mapped out their lives for them. That's not a partnership, and you'll find not only a smaller pool, but also a pool of sketchy types who are perhaps afraid to be real partners in a relationship.

Your second positive phrase is great. Try applying that to the next few women you meet. She's got a tattoo? Wears makeup? Judge her according to your stated standards. Perhaps she's got a butterfly tattooed on her ankle and bright red lipstick. Neither hurt anyone. She got the tat as a reminder of her little sister who died. She wears the lipstick because she likes the way it makes her feel more powerful. Maybe she just came from helping a friend rebuild a chicken coop damaged in a storm and is headed for the lake to sit on the beach and play guitar. Quit judging and start wondering.