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Let Me Ask You...


I see this 'mantra' dredged up frequently.

If I have it right, the mantra goes something like this....

Purists, who stand firm on principle and refuse to compromise on core liberty/issues, do not accomplish anything, therefore, to actually accomplish something, one must compromise and practice pragmatism.

Let me toss out a ponderism, eh?

Has there been some 'purist movement' in our lifetime, where a number of politicians actually believed in and unwaveringly stand on principles, which I am unaware of?

Conversely, what has been the consistent norm, the conventional wisdom, the subject of incessant hissing and constant practice and application?

Don't strain, I will answer it.....

That would be the pragmatic, compromise, go along to get along, scratch my back i'll scratch yours, politics over principle, crowd.

We have decade upon decade to see what that practice and belief system accomplishes...concrete and unarguable evidence open to viewing, study and assessment....we are living square in the middle of its result.

There has BEEN no purist political practice or application of any note that has 'failed', so there is nothing to base the assertion, nada, nothing...therefore, you and those who hiss the tired old mantra, are simply full of crap.