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There is nothing positive

There is nothing positive about me. I'm an absolute piece of shit and it's why I don't have a gun and I don't really care about my rights.

I didn't map anything out for them, I want someone with those plans. They would be taught those values by their parents. What you are describing is why people get divorced, because they don't talk about their intentions before they get married. Or people know these things but they think their mind will change at some point.

Judgement is acceptable when it's righteous and not in hypocrisy. I don't have tattoos, so I can make that a standard. I have never had sex with anyone, another standard. Do you see the pattern?

I find tattoos and makeup unattractive and tattoos are not something I want my child[ren] thinking is OK. You used to have to go to the circus, pay a quarter, and be led into a tent to see people with tattoos. It doesn't matter to me if it's some little flower or butterfly. I don't want someone so vain that they think they need to decorate their body. You're not supposed to decorate your body with the names of the dead. To get a tattoo of someone you knew who died is just morbid and pretty idiotic (not that getting any tattoo isn't idiotic in and of itself).

I don't want someone who tries to feel powerful with their looks. That's not adult behavior, and if I found a wife that's acceptable you would be damn sure I'd make her feel good about herself without needing any of that vain crap. You're not describing wife material, you're talking about the common hedonist. I don't want someone who thinks that kind of worldly crap is power, or anyone who seeks power at all. I don't see power, and I will teach my kids that power here means nothing.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.