Comment: I have had it with all the nay sayers

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I have had it with all the nay sayers

on this issue. It is common damn sense that no entity can force another entity into contract. Do we all agree on this simple self -evident fact??? Those who know what a contract is know there is simultaneous elements required for a valid contract. If the elements for valid contract are not present then there is NO CONTRACT!

So for those who wish to justify and consider legally or lawfully valid the criminal fraud and extortion of the 14th amendment and the citizen of the United States or US Citizen or any other citizenship status, without voluntary consent, applying to the People, I simply point out the fact that no entity can lawfully or legally force another entity into contract. How can a child born be under citizenship contract and it be considered valid? A new born baby does not the faculties to enter into any contract. Even any other presumed "citizen" still requires disclosure and mutual understanding for a valid contract to be formed.

Did the "government" ever disclose the fact that your legal PERSON is also a corporation? Did they ever disclose the fact that codes and statutes apply to the citizen and do NOT apply to Natural Men and Women? Did the government ever disclose that citizenship requires YOU to be a taxpayer and lose all protections of privacy? Did they ever disclose that anyone attempting to force you into this contract is committing felony extortion? Did they ever disclose to you that men and women have direct unobstructed access to Juries of Common Law for seeking justice against another and that the person has no access to Juries except via DAs, State Attorneys or US attorneys? Did they ever disclose that the PERSON is subject to regulatory whims of the legislature that is changing constantly and the People hold eternal and unchanging Common Law procedures of Law? The answer is NO!!! This means any citizenship status that was not voluntarily accepted is null and void. Any attempt to force another into this contract is felony extortion. Any other crimes such as kidnapping, torture, false imprisonment, theft etc that are committed in the process of attempting enforce color of law is simply a crime under common law and each of us is supposed to have equal justice under the law for remedy.

Do you think if these legalise interpretations where disclosed and that people where fully aware that they have their own choice on whether or not to be Citizen, that the people, would trade rights for privileges, freedom for slavery etc? NO! This is why we are all on this sight communicating our battles against tyranny on a daily basis. This tyranny is not because of them but because of our ignorance of the law! For those of you who think the People are citizens then I am not with you. If you want to play politics for eternity and play on the see saw of code and statute then you go ahead but I am not with you. The fact is that the interpretation of code applying to the people destroys our law and precedent and is not a republican form of government at all. I want to be left alone and be responsible for my own actions including my own criminal accusations against another. I also want the golden rule followed to the Tee which means that every other man woman is also liable for their accusation against me or another. I want us to wake up and realize that we do not have to play politics for eternity we can understand the self governance of Common Law and realize that this applies to everyone and that Code and Statutes are supposed to only procedures and allocations of the operation of Governmental affairs. If we realize this really simple fact then we can free ourselves from ALL code and statutes, forever. For those out there that reject this concept, go ahead but I do not stand with you at all. I don't care if we like freedom or a certain candidate's views. The only solution to our problem is the rule of Law where each is fully liable for their own actions and government services are utilized on individual case by case basis initiated by consent of the governed where any accuser is liable for their own accusations against another. No more hiding behind veils of limited liability or having the Nanny state commit tyranny to "prevent harm". You want people not to speeds on the highway then accept liability for an accusation and face them in court. You want someone to be fined for not wearing a seat belt or having some pot or cocaine or heroin or anything else then you accept liability for accusations against them, demonstrate the harm done to you by the accused so you can have a valid cause of action and bring them justice.

Each of us is liable for our own accusations and those who seek to hide behind the citizenship or legal person are the ones who do not accept liability for their own actions and are the tyrants, period. This is the difference between the citizen and the People. People are under Natural Common Law and citizen are under regulatory capacity where liability is limited ONLY because the liability has already been accepted by one of the People and they have been identified by facing the accused with their accusations. Those citizens/employees of government who do not obey the contractual agreement they did voluntarily contract for lose that limited liability status through piercing the corporate veil due the man or woman's own breach of duty and criminal activity. If you can get this then you have no business voting, leading, representing anyone.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...