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Comment: Bill of Rights, the DEFENDER of Rights

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Bill of Rights, the DEFENDER of Rights

Good article, but remember: The U.S. Constitution, whose first 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights, isn't the giver, the issuer, of rights but it is the reference, the rules, for the individual to point to to say to the government agent: Excuse me, remember your duty in our society, defend my rights, which are natural, things I was -- and you were (although applicable to you when you're off work or no longer work in government) -- conceived with, thank you. (The applicability to the government agent is fashioned so to influence him to want to live his life without being a federal government employee, that all day daily he too would be free.)

For quite some time I've wrestled with which term the U.S. Constitution suits the American's relationship to it. The terms: guarantor, protector and defender. Choices two and three fit, but three is explicit, leaving no room for misunderstanding. It unequivocally defines what the federal government's agent's role is.

Anyone, got thoughts on this issue? I'd be happy to read them.

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