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We get irritated at how short

We get irritated at how short sighted you are.

If he weren't doing some of those things, he'd be back in scrubs in no time and no where near the White House.

The other things are just fallacies that those of you with propensities to twist info can't seem to get past. Such as his 'silence' on sound money.

"One of my first actions in the U.S. Senate was to introduce legislation allowing for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. This legislation, S. 202 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011, is a Senate version of similar legislation long-championed by and introduced this session in the House of Representatives by my father, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas."

And lets not get to the fact that most of you think everything more interventionist than a bunker constitutes neoconservatism. I wish someone would post a sticky on the front page that explains to you all what is and what is not neoconservatism.

You morons don't seem to get that the actual neocons are his biggest enemy. Bill Kristol, neocon numero uno, can't stand Rand.