Comment: Is there Hope in Rand...Rand endorses Mitch McConnell

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Is there Hope in Rand...Rand endorses Mitch McConnell

With respect to the integrity of the purists in the Liberty Movement, we have to pick our battles if we are going to move the ball down the field. After watching Freedom to Fascism, I spoke to my father who was than 30 year senior counsel to the House Republicans in WA State. I asked him about the constitutional legitimacy of the income tax. His response was simple yet powerful, “you may be right, but you can be right all the way to jail. You have to pick your battles, this is a losing battle and if pursued should be rethought tactically.” He suggested that a cost benefit should be considered and applied to what issues and battles are taken up. That does not mean avoiding fighting battles that cannot be won but weaken the opposition, build public support or provide a distraction etc.

If Sen. Rand Paul is endorsing Sen. Mitch McConnell for re-election in 2014 will you be able to work with Rand? I will work with almost anyone who will stand with me to educate people on personal responsibility and limited government. I have chosen not to concern myself with who anyone endorses; I don't make up my mind off endorsements. I draw the line at policy decisions, how people vote and furthermore the specifics behind the vote e.g. how close the vote was etc. If I am able to promote and work with Dennis Kucinich on issues and help to form a collation with Santorum’s delegates, I think I can find a way to work with almost anyone without compromising my integrity. I understand the political game and I hate it, I will not compromise my integrity. The question is do you understand politics, game theory and how things really work behind the scenes? You and I may differ on what compromising of integrity is, and that is what I am trying to focus on.

I will make endorsements of former Ron Paul caucus goers, alternates and delegates. I will also endorse people I personally know well and trust. While I would encourage everyone to probe and get to know as much as they can about whom they are voting for, I will ask you to blindly take my word for it and send money to my PAC, Putting People First. This is a PAC that will be used to help non partisan races from school boards to fire commissionaires to city council and everything else in between.

My endorsement is based off getting local Liberty candidates elected, Rand's endorsements are about getting a larger platform to educate and expose people to the message of Liberty. Rand is the number 1 National messenger for the cause whether you like it or not. I see it as our mission to support him and his efforts to achieve and maintain a national platform to espouse our views.

Locally our mission is to get as many Liberty candidates as possible into the public sphere, planning commissions and boards, councils etc. Cultivating candidates for the future is of the utmost importance. Please stand with me locally to help get our Liberty brothers and sisters into local offices and in a year or so, please consider supporting the cause of Liberty by getting behind Senator Rand Paul.

Matthew Edward Hayward