Comment: Seeems to me. that the man has a plan

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Seeems to me. that the man has a plan

Will it work, I doubt it..

will it matter, I doubt it even more...

After all everything is already in motion...

There will be no second chances no second whatever...

Certainly no elections worth mentioning.

Any one who can´t see this is delusional.

Let me spell it out for ya.. It ain't gonna happen, ever. !

But would count, but not count on Ron Pauls son, certainly never on voting record, n everything else is secondary!

They will steal money everywhere now that it is settled that there will be little or no resistance.

Your money in the bank is really their money in the bank, their as in the banks that lost it in the first place, you see... you loose... no matter what,,

they made bets, they took profits, but now that the bad bets made it home, you, taypayer pay, not the criminal who made the bet.