Comment: Some questions to ponder

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Some questions to ponder

I'm a Libertarian just asking Republicans here some questions. No one really needs to reply with answers - they're just questions from an observers perspective - to think about.

Republicans are currently the minority in the Senate?

Mitch McConnell is currently Senate Minority Leader, the highest ranking Republican in the Senate?

I think it's safe to say most if not everybody on this site hopes to see Graham and McCain defeated. If that happens that's 2 Republican seats lost. Throw in McConnell and that's 3 seats. How many seats can Republicans afford to lose without lessening where Rand is currently positioned politically ie. to introduce bills, get them passed, win motions, gain committee appointments, etc.?

If McCain and Graham gets re-elected and McConnell doesn't, will Rands position in Washington be strengthened or weakened?

How about if McCain and Graham both lose re-election and McConnell wins re-election - strengthened or weakened?

Same scenario, McCain and Graham both lose re-election and McConnell wins re-election and Republicans gain majority control of the Senate - strengthened or weakened?

Would Rand Republicans in Kentucky working with McConnell Republicans in Kentucky be good PR to lay a foundation for uniting KY Republicans to deliver the state to Rand Paul overwhelmingly in the primary and general election of 2016? (aka a great way for KY Rand backers to make some new Republican friends before 2016.) Bonds are built in the trenches.


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