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my understanding after YEARS of studying this and . . .

trying to understand (I was taught that Judaism and Zionism were the same thing and all good Christians who cared about Jews supported Zionism)--

and really having a lot of philosophical torment over it--

is that the philosophers behind Zionism hijacked Judaism--

while most of the Jews did not understand what was happening and merely thought, "hey, we're getting a homeland!"--

It sounded good to everyone; it sounded good to me when I was young--

and then I found out that there was a group of Jews who did not support Zionism. This was startling to me. I can only suppose that these Jews have been marginalized and probably censored. From the very beginning there were quite a few rabbis who did not support Zionist philosophy or methodology--

Were those people the first to be taken captive by the Nazis? I don't know, but some present day rabbis believe it could be the case. Things got very confusing.

One of the things that is always easy to forget is that groups do tend to get caught up in group-think. How many Americans really believe Muslims are bad? Not many probably, but the media has told America that Muslims are bad, so many have supported the middle eastern wars--

the same sort of media/propaganda tactic has been used in so many nations and in so many wars, and in the case of the Zionist philosophers it served them well among a majority of the Jews who were probably as 'asleep' as most Americans have been for the past several decades.

Jews who question are trying to wake up those Jews who have accepted the group think as much as people on DP are trying to wake up fellow Americans. The problem is that the media is very good at telling the world that "Americans" want wars and an American empire, while many really do question it--

and the media has also done a very good job of convincing the world that "Jews" want a 'homeland' at all costs, including the 'protection' and aid of the U.S. and oppression of Palestinians in Gaza.

The truth lies somewhere in between in both cases, but most people collectivize and blame an entire group for faulty philosophies (both Americans who are asleep and Jews who are asleep assist the perpetuation of bad ideas)--

and then begin to turn on anyone within that group.

This is terrible, but the media capitalizes on it all the time--

There are anti-Zionist Jews who wear out their lives trying to wake people up--

I share their words, as I have many times on here--

in an effort to get others to see that this situation has been twisted so that when people question Zionism it appears that they are condemning an entire religion, which is not right at all--

Unfortunately, many Christians are also Zionists, and those of us who are Christians who are not are making an attempt to wake them up to the same dilemma--

it's a lot of work, and it's exhausting, and how do a few people completely retrain an entire world not to collectivize? Very hard--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--