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Comment: 3 and half months later and

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3 and half months later and

3 and half months later and still no motive, or video evidence of Adam Lanza walking into the school dressed like Rambo.

Still no original 911 calls made from the school either...why not?

Sandy Hook had cameras at the entrance, so where's the footage folks? People dialed 911 inside the school, right? So where's the public recording of the original 911 call made from Sandy Hook?

The entire story is so ridiculous, just as ridiculous as Nancy Lanza supposedly taking her mentally ill son to the shooting range (that nobody could attest to or confirm) and then letting him supposedly keep an arsenal of weapons and ammo in his own bedroom too... even though Adam loved to play violent video games all day long in the basement and supposedly had a social disorder.

Does that make any sense? No! Round pegs do not fit into square holes!

The entire story is so ridiculous...I'm starting to think that Sandy Hook was some kind of reverse psychological operation designed to light a 2nd Amendment firestorm under the asses of the American people. I'm really starting to think that nobody died, hence all of the bad actors, the denial of death certificates, etc.

They fudged it on purpose? God, I hope so.

If that's the case, it's working. Ammunition is flying off the shelves, American gun manufacturing can't keep up with demand and they're hiring more employees to keep up with orders, people who would have never owned a gun or rifle before Sandy Hook now do, and the democrats are showing their true colors.

If Sandy Hook was a true psyop, it has seriously backfired.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.