Comment: The Bible is controlled opposition

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The Bible is controlled opposition

Christians have always been the biggest opposition to Tyranny and evil throughout history. We know the Elite gain power through consolidation. Well, look at the Catholic church. Who do you think chose the books in the Bible? Jesus did not advocate for slavery. Look how hypocritical the religion has become. Its almost like a cult now. That would explain why the rapture is pure propaganda. Now Christians don't get involved, because the Lord will take care of it or they are waiting on the Rapture.
The truth is, your are not on this Earth to "Worship" God. You are here to do his work. By fighting evil, you are doing Gods will. You are not fighting Evil when you are saying hateful things to and about people for what they are doing. There are other more effective ways of dealing with that.
Jesus befriended everyone except the money changers. He is on the side of the people.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)