Comment: In a sane world -

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In a sane world -

If someone were to get sick off the food, your risk, your loss for accepting it. Ah...taking responsibility for yourself - what a concept!

However, thanks to greedy people looking for a fast buck by suing for anything and everything, well this is the result. I can see people even faking sickness, suing the city for not protecting its citizens, and the city settling out of court. It always takes just ONE to ruin it for everyone else. As I said, in a sane world.

I wouldn't be surprised if down the future, everyone has to sign a waiver before eating at a restaurant. I think the only thing that's stopped restaurants from taking that approach is that it's "bad business". This may seem overboard, but so did all the lawsuits requiring companies to label cleaning chemicals "do not ingest", or McDonald's labeling their coffee "hot". Really? Coffee's hot? You don't say.