Comment: It's pure politics

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It's pure politics

Here's a scenario for ya:

Rand makes these political moves all the way up to 2016, does a great job of walking a fine line playing the game.

Along the way he loses Purist Libertarians and Anarchists (< 5% of the likely voters).

But he gains 60% of the lukewarm Neo-Cons and 75% of Constitutional Conservatives.

So he wins the White House in 2016 after a massive financial collapse / currency devaluation and becomes one of the best pro-liberty pro-Constitutional presidents in US history and pulls us out of this mess.

Or ... Option #2

He goes the way of his dad.

He gets demonized, marginalized, demagogued and totally shut down and excluded from the process before he even gets started.

But as a consolation prize?

All you guys love him.

All 3% of you