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These are the same scum-bags that are taxing the bank accounts in Cyprus. The United States feeds this monster with our money. And, these socialist money grubbers want to repay us with another freakin tax. Where in the constitution does it say we are beholden to these thieves? These are the same people that gave you GATT, NAFTA, and CAFTA. Have stolen our jobs. Shipped them overseas, are nearly bankrupting us and are now trying to set taxes upon us. The Federal Reserve is entwined in this Beast. The bankers have indebted many nations with fiat money that keeps getting printed with nothing to back it. They have devalued the dollar to nearly nil. What is it worth 3 or 4 cents in reality? Back when the Federal Reserve to a stranglehold in 1913. 5 cents would buy a loaf of bread. Now it's 2 to 3 dollars. Inflation is the rise in price of goods because the value of the currency is becoming less valuable. These bankers and economists that sit on the boards of the IMF, The World Bank, And the Federal Reserve should be held accountable for the malfeasance.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"