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Don't be sly. Although

Don't be sly.

Although women apply make up for many reasons, you admit that when women do so to attract men, it is because men like made-up women.

Why aren't you upset at the men who like such artifice? Why are you only angry at the women who understand the score and use what they have at their disposal to play to it? I think previously you gave a scree against women who tried to keep looking, what was it? Fifteen? Why not a scree against the men who would desire such a woman?

Seems a bit upside-down to me. The most effective criticism comes from peers. If you are a man, criticize what you know. Be up in arms by men who are attracted to made-up women who try to look fifteen.

It's cowardly to criticize the target of your weakness. (You understand that power is as power does. Right? If you assert that a woman who paints her face is asserting power and control, you understand that you are saying you feel powerless and controlled by such women? You understand that you are saying much more about yourself than you are about your scapegoat?)

I get that you are attracted to such women and feel dirty because of it. But something's got to give. Right? It's doubtful that womankind is going to give.

The only thing left is you. You're the master of your ship. Not any woman; not any man. Just you.