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Option #3

Rand actually believes in forms of pro-Israel zionism and believes in the "realism" he has proclaimed about using a mix of periodic massive global military strikes and diplomacy in a long long war to rout out radical islam wherever it exists (see his Heritage Foundation speech).

And also that Rand genuinely disagrees with his dad when Rand suggests that the first step towards fiscal reform is to pay down the interest on the debt (which means the fiat dollar stays). Ron said the debt is fraudulent and mathematically impossible to pay back and that we MUST default on the debt.

In other words, Rand talks a lot vaguely about Liberty, but he's not so much for Peace (his realism precludes disassembling the empire in the name of a long long global war with islam) and not so much for Sound Money (he wants to "fix" the current fiat system -- someone planning on ditching the fiat dollar would not suggest paying down the interest on the debt)

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