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Comment: I Don't Think Libertarian Women Exist Either,

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I Don't Think Libertarian Women Exist Either,

at least not until their 40's or 50's. Meanwhile, men seem to get politically libertarian aware in their 20's or 30's. Hence, the disconnect.

The happy libertarian female exception is out there somewhere (so I am told) and for the true libertarian female whose in her 20's, emotionally balanced and physically attractive as well, she could/will have the pick of 50 to 100 available libertarian guys, not to mention other exceptional guys out there successful and interesting in their own right. Its a strange sexual market, a rare one where if the young libertarian woman was so inclined, she could easily choose a polyandry lifestyle.

Meanwhile, over in liberal land, the sexual marketplace is more favorable to young political males. The altruistic nurture sweet talk always calls from the democratic left ("lets help the poor" sounds good until we look at the fine print plan of action), and along with its left-hip-cultural chic, it makes an unbalanced market that is slightly in the man's favor. Hence, you should find the right liberal female out there just for you. "If you see someone you like, pick a fight" by using the phrase, "Gee, I thought you cared deeply about this".....and let the romance begin.

I say, look there, over in the political left/green/norml/save-the-planet marketplace.


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