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I'm accusing Rand...

of being EXACTLY what he is saying he is with own mouth:

1) that he is a "realist" with regards to a global military capability to overwhelmingly strike "radical islam" as needed anywhere on the earth and that "radical islam" is our main enemy and will be for generations and perhaps centuries to come (see Rand's Heritage Foundation speech), In other words the empire will NOT be disassembled, just made more reasonable and compassionate (yeah right).

2) that he wants to pay down the interest on the debt. The very same debt that Ron says is fraudulent, mathematically untenable to pay back, and that MUST be written off and replaced with sound money. (paying of the interest on the debt assumes the fiat money will NOT be replaced and the Govt will retain the ability to finance wars with the stroke of a pen).

3) that, to the delight of zionists and neocons, Rand believe Israel is our #1 best ally and that aid should be reduced to Israel slower than other countries.

Go ahead and question my character. I believe in brutal honesty and a bold telling of the message of Liberty, Peace and Sound Money no matter how "kooky" the status quo and neocons yell it is.

You on the other hand are supporting a "tactic" of lies and deception to gain a political office. Be careful. You might get what you want! You may end up with a real "realist" zionist neocon who has no intention of disassembling the empire or replacing the current fiat money with sound money...

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